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Healthway is delighted to partner with Swimming WA to support Swimming WA Clubs across WA to be SunSmart.

Swimming and being outdoors go hand-in-hand, so recognising the dangers of UV exposure and being SunSmart is crucial for swimmers’ safety.

The following information will help your Club implement strategies to be SunSmart:

SunSmart tips 

SunSmart app and widget - for ease of monitoring the UV index

Don't let the sun see your skin campaign 

SunSmart sample policies


2019/20 SunSmart Healthy Club KickStarter Competition 


1st - Wickham, $1,500

2nd - Collie, $1,000 

3rd - Northam, $500

4th - Westside Christchurch, $500 

Swimming WA is pleased to announce the return of the SunSmart Club Competition, a co-funded initiative from Healthway and Swimming WA. 

The SunSmart Club Competition provides an incentive for Swimming WA Clubs to identify and address a range of issues to increase awareness and knowledge of SunSmart sun safety policies.

Importantly, we want our Clubs to teach their Members the importance of sun protection, and like you, we want all swimmers to be actively adopting the SunSmart practices into everyday life.

The SunSmart Club Competition will provide the winning application from a Swimming WA Club with funding to increase SunSmart initiatives for its members. 

Click below link for information on the assessment criteria 

Olympian Tommaso D’Orsogna’s Swimming and SunSmart Tips - Click on the links

1. Effective kicking technique


2Body rotation and breathing


3Exhalation and inhalation


4. Bilateral breathing


5. Freestyle stroke technique




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