Honorary Positions

Swimming WA recognises the significant contribution that the following people make in their Honorary Positions.

Chief Referee

Kaye Bolger, Life Member

Mrs Kaye Bolger

The role of Chief Referee is an important role for the Association. The SWA Chief Referee advises the Association and CEO on technical matters pertaining to officiating at National and State level. The SWA Chief Referee leads the Technical Official team at key SWA Meets and Events, appoints key Technical Official roles for significant SWA Meets and Events and ensures that the standards and ideals of the Association are upheld by our Technical Officials. Kaye Bolger has served in this role with distinction since 2005 and SWA is delighted to have her serving again for 2019.


Records Officer

SWA Tony Ball

Mr Tony Ball

The role of Records Officer is an extremely responsible role for the Association. The SWA Records Officer complies and collates all statistical data on behalf of the Association and with the support of SWA staff and distributes salutations and certificates of records to the athletes who set records during the year. When you consider the number of records that the sport of swimming has, this voluntary role is extremely busy all year round. Tony Ball has served in this role with distinction since 1981 and SWA is delighted to have him serving again for 2019.


Honorary Historian

SWA Ken Spillman

Dr Ken Spillman

The Association’s Honorary Historian assists the CEO to access and then manage the enormous amount of memorabilia associated with Western Australian swimming. The Association has over 1,000 items that must be carefully catalogued and preserved and with the support of the Honorary Historian, SWA Clubs can reflect and celebrate their rich history in this incredible sport over the years. The role of Honorary Historian has been revived in 2019 and the Association is thrilled that Dr Ken Spillman has agreed to serve in this capacity. 


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