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Swimming WA Affiliated Clubs

Swimming WA Affiliation Mutual Obligations

As the State body for swimming in Western Australia, Swimming WA is committed to growing and strengthening the sport of swimming in our state.  SWA is one of the leading sporting organisations in Western Australia, representing 85 clubs and more than 6000 registered swimmers across the state.

Since its founding in 1925 as the Country Swimming Association, Swimming WA has benefited greatly from the service, visionary contributions, integrity, and philanthropy of many swimmers, supporters and businesses. This generosity has helped serve this and past generations of Western Australians.

Our vision is to establish swimming as the premier summer sport in the state by making it an essential part of the Western Australia way of life. In order to achieve this, SWA will be equipped with the resources to inspire our swimmers and enable our clubs to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming. Such achievement relies on a positive and “open” relationship with its Members. Therefore, SWA would like to clarify expectations and commitments to our membership, their associated clubs and organisations, and vice a versa:


Swimming WA will;

  1. Energetically and consistently work to sustain and advance SWA’s mission and vision through integrity, values, purpose, quality and reputation;
  2. Actively grow participation in the sport of Swimming in Western Australia;
  3. Support and enhance the sustainability of SWA and its Clubs providing guidelines, resources and tools to assist with excellence in governance;
  4. Align infrastructure development and access with growth in participation;
  5. Deliver competition Meets and corporate events to the highest standards;
  6. Support and sustain high performance by WA Swimmers, Coaches and Officials;
  7. Progressively and inclusively lead swimming and other aquatics sports in WA through lobbying and excellence in governance and management.


In return, SWA Clubs commit to support SWA by;

  1. Adhering to the SWA/Swimming Australia Limited (SAL) Policies. In particular, Club Committee members should be fully informed of the responsibilities of the following four (4) policies;
    1. Member Welfare Policy;
    2. Child Welfare Policy;
    3. Privacy Policy and;
    4. Gambling, Betting and Match Fixing Policy.


These policies and the procedural information on compliance with such Policies may be found on the Club Development page of the Swimming WA website: http://wa.swimming.org.au/clubs.html


  1. Act as ambassadors of the sport conducting ourselves in word, and deed – whether as committee members, volunteers or swimmers. SWA Members are on board by the SAL Codes of Conduct policy, which again can be found on the above website.
  2. Club Presidents are expected to actively engage in the Annual General Meeting/Special Meeting voting and be fully informed in the contents of the Annual Report and the SWA Board’s recommendations.
  3. Willingly interact and participate in all SWA initiatives, creating a strong collaborative relationship between the membership and its Association.
  4. Clubs have a responsibility to resolve complaints and disputes involving them, or their members, and associated organisations or businesses effectively, and in accordance with SWA/SAL Policies. Clubs commit to minimise the adverse effects on all; and as far as possible, ensuring a positive outcome for all concerned.


We are aware that you, our Club volunteers, have significant time restraints. Therefore, a simple statement addressing your club’s commitment to abiding by the SAL/SWA current policies will ensure compliance for your Club. The published Procedures and Information will provide your Club with a step-by-step guide through the policy to enable easy adoption.





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