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  • Club Administration Forms
  • SWA Brand and Logo
  • Clubs can access the Swimming WA logos at this Dropbox link

    All Clubs are encouraged to incorporate the Swimming WA logo in their branding and Club uniforms. For advice on how to do this please refer to the Swimming WA Brand Guidelines. Please ensure you receive sign off on logo use by Swimming WA before going to print/manufacture.

    The Swimming WA logo in blue and orange below can be downloaded as a PNG image to use for club merchandise branding etc.

    For dark-coloured club merchandise, we recommend using the white SWA logo with the transparent background below so the SWA logo will be more defined on your merchandise. 

    Please note, the white SWA logo will not be visible when the PDF is viewed. Simply download the PDF and save the image. 

    Swimming WA blue & orange logo
  • National Insurance Program
  • Swimming WA affiliated clubs and their members are covered by Swimming Australia's National Insurance Program provided by Marsh. Affiliated clubs need to ensure that their members are registered with Swimming WA to be covered under the policy.

    More information about the National Insurance Program can be found here.

    Club/Region Certificate of Currency

    What is Public Liability Insurance?

    Public Liability insurance is designed to protect you and your Club from legal and / or medical costs that arise from an incident connected to your activities.

    It protects you against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss of or damage to property or ‘pure economic’ loss resulting from your negligence.

    Liability insurance is absolutely essential to every business owner and sports Club.

    What cover is typically provided within an extended Public Liability policy?

    Public Liability coverage can have up to three different sections:

    • Public Liability – legal action against the Insured for breached duty of care.
    • Products Liability – legal action against the Insured for sale of faulty products.
    • Errors and Omissions – legal action against the Insured for negligent acts / advice.

    You will generally find that you are covered in all areas as part of a standard Public Liability policy.

    What cover is typically excluded from a Public Liability policy?

    Gross Negligence

    If your business or Club is not deemed to be a safe environment caused by deliberate neglect then your policy may become void. In this instance, you are personally liable for the financial burden of the liability claim.


    Claims have an excess of $1,000. Claims of a sexual molestation nature attracts a $10,000 excess.

    This excess is not covered by the insurance policy.

    Errors and Omissions

    Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to cover you in the event of a claim made against you because of professional negligence caused by mistakes, bad advice or general poor workmanship.

    It provides indemnity cover if a person suffers a loss – either material, financial or physical – directly attributed to negligent acts.

    Examples of Public Liability Claims

    Example 1 – a sporting participant sustains a knee injury after tripping in a pothole on a sports field whilst participating in a game. He sues the Club for failing to provide a duty of care to the participants and their playing conditions.

    Example 2 – a parent is walking around the pool deck and trips on an extension lead that the Club has run along the ground to power a starting machine. He suffers personal injury and sues the Club for negligence.

    What is Negligence?

    Negligence is doing something without a reasonable amount of care, or failing to do something which might reasonably have been done to prevent the incident.

    Are trial members covered to swim at your club?

    Yes, prospective/trial members are covered under the Insurance Program for up to four weeks from initial approach. After the four week period they will need to become a member in order to be covered by the Program.

    Certificate of Currency

    You can obtain a copy of your Certificate of Currency (to confirm your Public Liability insurance) by clicking here.

    Hot tip…

    As soon as an incident occurs that could result in a potential claim, contact Marsh and they can provide assistance with the claims process.

    Did you know…

    A Public Liability policy protects you anywhere in Australia, and in most countries overseas. But you will need to confirm this within your own policy wording.

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