Club Affiliation

Join a community of over 80 clubs and 15,000 members across Swimming Western Australia. Affiliated clubs benefit from extensive support provided by Swimming Australia, Swimming WA staff, and local communities.

Find all necessary information, including affiliation benefits, fees, and steps for affiliation, in the Re-Affiliation Package 2024/25 below. 


Club Resources

Clubs can access the Club Administration Form and Swimming WA Logos below.

All Clubs are encouraged to incorporate the Swimming WA logo in their branding and Club uniforms. For advice on how to do this please refer to the Swimming WA Logo Guidelines included in the link below. Please ensure you receive sign off on logo use by Swimming WA before going to print/manufacture.

For dark-coloured club merchandise, we recommend using the white SWA logo so the SWA logo will be more defined on your merchandise.

Club Administration Form

Application for Recognition of Results

Swimming WA Logos

Download here

National Insurance Program

  • Swimming WA Affiliated Clubs and Insurance Coverage
  • Swimming WA affiliated clubs and their members are covered by Swimming Australia's National Insurance Program provided by V-Insurance. Affiliated clubs need to ensure that their members are registered with Swimming WA to be covered under the policy.

    More information about the National Insurance Program can be found here.

    Certificate of Currency

  • What Insurance Policies are provided as part of Swimming Australia's membership?
  • Public Liability

    Public Liability Insurance is a vital protection for you and your club. It covers legal and medical costs if someone is harmed or property is damaged during your activities due to your negligence. This insurance shields against the financial burden of being held liable for such incidents. Essentially, it's a must-have for any business owner or sports club, providing coverage if you're sued for negligence leading to injury or property damage.

    Examples of Public Liability Claims

    • Example 1 – a sporting participant sustains a knee injury after tripping in a pothole on a sports field whilst participating in a game. He sues the Club for failing to provide a duty of care to the participants and their playing conditions.
    • Example 2 – a parent is walking around the pool deck and trips on an extension lead that the Club has run along the ground to power a starting machine. He suffers personal injury and sues the Club for negligence.

    Personal Accident

    Personal Accident Insurance covers you for injuries you sustain while participating in insured Swimming related activities, such as sanctioned events, training and official social events and fundraising activities including all direct travel to and from these events.

    Professional Indemnity

    Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to cover you in the event of a claim made against you because of professional negligence caused by mistakes, bad advice or general poor workmanship.

  • How do I make a claim?
  • In order to make a claim, head over to the V-Insurance website here. There, you'll find all the necessary details and forms to initiate your claim.

    If you're facing liability from a third party, it's crucial to reach out to V-Insurance Group promptly. You can contact them at 1300 172 321. They'll guide you through the next steps and assist you in managing the situation effectively.

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