22/23 Competition Structure

Swimming WA's competition structure is aligned with the Swimming WA swimming membership categories. 

Each tier represents the reasons that the swimmer is participating for and the over-arching principle for the meets within that tier. 

Swimming WA oversee events up to and including tier 3, the top 2 tiers are run by Swimming Australia and/or FINA.

Membership by events

Competition changes 2022/2023 season

  • End of Season Championships
  • During summer 2022, Swimming WA sought expression of interests to conduct a review of the competition structure. This advisory group was comprised of four coaches (including two regional), two technical officials, one athlete, three SWA staff, three zone representatives, and two region representatives. The group for regularly over a period of 4months. The new framework as a whole has the key purposes to; increase junior participation and opportunities to swim at a major event, retain 14 - 17 year olds, which have a significate drop-out rate, improve regional opportunities and pathways, increase opportunities for 'representation' for a wider range of swimmers, reduce volunteer burden, provide clarity and alignment with Membership categories, provide development opportunities for coaches and officials. 

    End of Season Championships benefits
    End of Season Championships juniors
    End of Season Championships seniors
  • Leagues
  • league 1
    League 2


    Leagues 3
    league 4


  • 8year olds in Competition
  • This coming season swimmers turning 8, or already are 8 years old will have the ability to compete in competitions from Tiers 5-8. 

    The events these young swimmers will compete in are as follows;

    50m Freestyle

    50m Backstroke

    50m Breaststroke

    50m Butterfly

    100m Freestyle

    100m Individual Medley (SC pools) 


    They will be competing in a combined 8-9 year age group for season 22-23. 

    8year olds cannot compete in Championship events, but can be included if the host club holds Fuel to Go & Play Splash and Dash events during the meet. 

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