UWA West Coast Challenge

Date & Time
Sun, 12/11/2023 to Sun, 12/11/2023
HBF Stadium - Indoor 8 Lane Pool

Event Details

Entries will open 1 month from the first day of competition.



8.00am: Warm-up;

9:00am: Start time for Junior and novice ‘Splash & Dash’ morning session;

1:30pm (approx.): Start time for Open, Age & Multi-Class/Para afternoon session.


 No Qualifying Times required;

 Maximum 6 events per swimmer;

 There will be two sessions:


Session 1 ‘am’ for Junior Swimming WA registered Girl members aged 8-12yrs and Boys 9-13yrs as per the published event list, as well as events for ‘Splash & Dash’ participants aged 12yrs & Under; &

Session 2 ‘pm’ for Open & Age athletes (Girls 13yrs & Over / Boys 14yrs & Over).

 Event 32 (mixed gender 1500m Free) is open to swimmers 12yrs & Over;

 All events will be conducted as timed finals;

 All swimmers must be Swimming WA registered by close of entries.



 UWA-West Coast Challenge is for 8yrs to Open, as specified on the Event List for Swimming WA registered ‘competitive’ members;

 Splash & Dash participants 12yrs & Under who are not currently a registered ‘competitive’ member of a Swimming WA club; &

 Age as at the first day of the meet.



Medals are to be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed male and female swimmers in the following Junior competitive’ age-group categories only – Girls 9-12yrs & Boys 9-13yrs (no medals for afternoon Open & Age session):

 50m events (Free, Back, Breast & Fly): 8-9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs & Boys 13yrs only;

 100m events (Free, Back, Breast & Fly): 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs (& Boys 13yrs only);

 200m events: 9yrs (Free Only), 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs (& Boys 13yrs only).


Medals have not been allocated to swimmers Girls 13yrs/O & Boys 14yrs/O competing in Session 2 (this includes all participants in the 1500m Free).



ENTRIES for Events 3/4, 13/14, 21/ 22 & 29/30 HERE.

The UWA-West Coast ‘Splash & Dash’ carnival is the ideal introductory meet for ‘rookie racers’ who are still trying to decide if swimming is the sport for them!

The 25m & 50m distances are particularly suited to novice squad swimmers who are yet to become a registered ‘competitive’ member of a Swimming WA club. These events are not open to Swimming WA ‘annual competitive’ members.

Splash &Dash participants sign in at their own registration table to collect their registration pack and also get to meet one of our Splash & Dash volunteers who will escort them to the starting blocks for each of their events. The registration pack includes a meet program, estimated timeline and a swim cap.

The Splash & Dash meet program includes the following 25m & 50m events:

Event 3 – Mixed 8-12yrs 50m Backstroke;

Event 4 – Mixed 6-8yrs 25m Backstroke;

Event 13 – Mixed 8-12yrs 50m Breaststroke;

Event 14 – Mixed 6-8yrs 25m Breaststroke;

Event 21 – Mixed 8-12yrs 50m Freestyle;

Event 22 – Mixed 6-8yrs 25m Freestyle;

Event 29 – Mixed 9-12yrs 50m Butterfly; &

Event 30 – Mixed 8-10yrs 25m Butterfly.

Each swimmer will receive a participation ribbon to acknowledge their efforts in the pool. The 'Splash & Dash' races will not be officiated, which means that times swum will not be officially recognized, in accordance with Swimming WA guidelines.


AM SESSION - JUNIORS                   (Girls 8-12yrs & Boys 8-13yrs)


Girls 8-12yrs 50m Backstroke

Boys 8-13yrs 50m Backstroke

Splash & Dash' Mixed 12yrs/U 50m Backstroke

Splash & Dash' Mixed 8yrs/U 25m Backstroke

Girls 9-12yrs 100m Breaststroke

Boys 9-13yrs 100m Breaststroke

Girls 9-12yrs 200m Individual Medley

Boys 9-13yrs 200m Individual Medley

Girls 9-12yrs 100m Freestyle

Boys 9-13yrs 100m Freestyle

Girls 8-12yrs 50m Breaststroke

Boys 8-13yrs 50m Breaststroke

Splash & Dash' Mixed 12yrs/U 50m Breaststroke

Splash & Dash' Mixed 8yrs/U 25m Breaststroke

Girls 9-12yrs 100m Backstroke

Boys 9-13yrs 100m Backstroke

Girls 10-12yrs 200m Breaststroke

Boys 10-13yrs 200m Breaststroke

Girls 8-12yrs 50m Freestyle

Boys 8-13yrs 50m Freestyle

Splash & Dash' Mixed 12yrs/U 50m Freestyle

Splash & Dash' Mixed 8yrs/U 25m Freestyle

Girls 9-12yrs 100m Butterfly

Boys 9-13yrs 100m Butterfly

Girls 10-12yrs 200m Backstroke

Boys 10-13yrs 200m Backstroke

Girls 9-12yrs 50m Butterfly

Boys 9-13yrs 50m Butterfly

Splash & Dash' Mixed 8-10yrs 25m Butterfly

Splash & Dash' Mixed 11-12yrs 50m Butterfly

Girls 9-12yrs 200m Freestyle

Boys 9-13yrs 200m Freestyle

MIXED 12yrs/Over 1500m Freestyle


PM SESSION - AGE & OPEN            (Girls 13yrs/0 & Boys 14yrs/O)


MC WOMEN'S Open 50m Breaststroke

MC MEN'S Open 50m Breaststroke

Girls 13yrs/O 100m Breaststroke

Boys 14yrs/O 100m Breaststroke

Girls 13yrs/O 200m Individual Medley

Boys 14yrs/O 200m Individual Medley

Girls 13yrs/O 50m Backstroke

Boys 14yrs/O 50m Backstroke

MC WOMEN'S Open 50m Backstroke

MC MEN'S Open 50m Backstroke

Girls 13yrs/O 100m Freestyle

Boys 14yrs/O 100m Freestyle

Girls 13yrs/0 200m Butterfly

Boys 14yrs/O 200m Butterfly

Girls 13yrs/O 50m Breaststroke

Boys 14yrs/O 50m Breaststroke

MC WOMEN'S Open 100m Freestyle

MC MEN'S Open 100m Freestyle

Girls 13yrs/O 100m Backstroke

Boys 14yrs/O 100m Backstroke

Girls 13yrs/O 200m Breaststroke

Boys 14yrs/O 200m Breaststroke

MC WOMEN'S Open 100m Breaststroke

MC MEN'S Open 100m Breaststroke

Girls 13yrs/O 50m Freestyle

Boys 14yrs/O 50m Freestyle

Girls 13yrs/O 200m Backstroke

Boys 14yrs/O 200m Backstroke

MC WOMEN'S Open 100m Backstroke

MC MEN'S Open 100m Backstroke

Girls 13yrs/O 50m Buttterfly

Boys 14yrs/O 50m Butterfly

Girls 13yrs/O 200m Freestyle

Boys 14yrs/O 200m Freestyle

MC WOMEN'S Open 50m Freestyle

MC MEN'S Open 50m Freestyle

Girls 13yrs/O 100m Butterfly

Boys 14yrs/O 100m Butterfly

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