Swimming Australia’s National Integrity Framework applies to all activities organised or authorised by Swimming Australia or a Member Organisation.


What is Sport Integrity?

Integrity in sport means that athletes, supporters and fans can participate and celebrate sport, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a safe, ethical and inclusive environment.

Commitment Statement

Swimming Australia and its Member Organisations remain fully committed to the protection of children, young people and all members in our sport and encourage swimming clubs throughout Australia to familiarise themselves with the policies and to raise the issue of child safety to everyone involved in their club.



The National Integrity Framework (NIF) is a set of rules that all members of our sport need to follow when it comes to their behaviour and conduct in swimming including obligations to report misconduct. Those rules are contained in the following policies (available under resources below):

These policies are in force from 1 January 2024.

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  • 1. Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy
  • This policy defines prohibited conduct which includes child abuse, grooming and other misconduct with a child. It also outlines reporting requirements in relation to allegations of child abuse and other requirements relating to child safe practices, including recruitment and screening practices. Importantly, it complies with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

    Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy

  • 2. Member Protection Policy
  • This policy details prohibited conduct in relation to abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, unlawful discrimination, victimisation, and vilification.

    Member Protection Policy

  • 3. Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
    • Appropriately qualified practitioners are appointed to provide science and medicine services to athletes.
    • The correct process is used for selecting supplements, where relevant, that are appropriate and conform to the AIS Sport Supplement Framework and the World Anti-Doping Code
    • Medications are selected and used appropriately
    • Injections are only administered as part of appropriate medical treatment

    Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy

  • 4. Competition Manipulation & Sports Gambling Policy
  • This policy details prohibited conduct in relation to improperly altering the result or the course of a sporting activity, betting on a sporting activity or disclosing inside information to obtain a benefit.

    Competition Manipulation & Sports Gambling Policy

  • 5. Complaints, Disputes & Discipline Policy (CDDP)
    • The Complaints, Disputes and Disciplinary Policy sets out the system for resolving complaints and disciplinary action arising from an individual or organisation engaging in prohibited conduct under the National Integrity Framework.
    • The policy only manages complaints in relation to the National Integrity Framework. It does not manage complaints in relation to protected disclosures, eligibility and selection, competition-related rules, personal grievances, code of conduct or governance matters. Swimming Australia will need to have policies in place to deal with other complaints.
    • The Complaints, Disputes and Disciplinary Policy includes an independent assessment and referral process managed by Sport Integrity Australia that will ensure complaints are dealt with in the most appropriate manner and will significantly reduce the workload of managing complaints at all levels of sport.
    • The policy provides several options to resolve an issue: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Breach Offer or Hearing Tribunal (internal or via the National Sports Tribunal).

    Complaints, Disputes & Discipline Policy (CDDP)

  • 6. Code of Conduct
  • This Code of Conduct aims to ensure that everyone involved in swimming is aware of the standards of behaviour expected of them and the mechanism for dealing with any conduct that is alleged to breach the Code of Conduct.

    Code of Conduct

  • Contact
  • For integrity related maters please contact:

    Lydia Dowse, National Integrity Manager

    P: 0417 993 846



    Scott Elliott, Complaints and Compliance Manager

    P: 0474 485 023


    Other relevant contacts for making a complaint to an authority outside Swimming Australia are:

    Sport Integrity Australia

    The Safe Sport hotline number – 1800 161 361 – has been created by Sport Integrity Australia for members to share their story about issues they have experienced in swimming.

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