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About the Programme

The Bio Island Junior Excellence Programme (JX) recognises, rewards and encourages junior swimmers who, through their development of aquatic skills and fitness, achieve a high standard of swimming excellence. 

Swimmers aged from 9 to 14 years, who accomplish times set by Swimming Australia, qualify at Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Green standard, depending on their best performance/s during the season.

For doing so, qualifiers receive special recognition by way of:

Publication of their name on the Swimming Australia and Swimming WA website

A prize pack including a cap, poster, certificate and other goodies!

The criteria for Junior Excellence is based off a percentage of the National Qualifying time in each event.

The Criteria will be released shortly. 

Multi Class Point Score (MCPS)

The Multi Class Point Score (MCPS) has been developed to provide a simplified way for swimmers and coaches to measure and compare performances. The MCPS is based on the World Record (WR) times for each classification. The MCPS is used for the JX and YPS programs, determining results in Multi Class competition, as well as team selection and qualifying standards. This provides a clearer development pathway for classified swimmers.

Determine point scores using the quick Online MCPS Calculators here.



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