Team Announced for the Performance Pathway South Australia Tour

06 January 2023

On the last night of the 2022 Hancock Prospecting State Championships, Swimming WA announced the Performance Pathway athletes who will be travelling to South Australia from the 17-23 January and competing at the South Australian State Open/MC Championships.

Congratulations to the following athletes:

Abbie Loraine Highlanders
Alex Sillitoe Southlake Dolphins
Braden Fyneman UWA West Coast
Georgina Gray UWA West Coast
Helen Smith South Shore
Isabella Russell Highlanders
Jackson Anderson Highlanders
Jasmine Mercer UWA West Coast
Jemma Apps UWA West Coast
Johann Szymanski Highlanders
Lachlan Rowles Southlake Dolphins
Liam Foley UWA West Coast
Liam Smith UWA West Coast
Lucinda Foley UWA West Coast
Lucy Porter Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Sylvia Czajko UWA West Coast
Tex Cross Highlanders
Thomas Davis Southside Penrhos Wesley
Tom Wyatt Arena
Zachary McCamley UWA West Coast

Rob Palfery (Lead Coach), Ryan Steenkamp (Assistant Coach), Sarah Scott (Assistant Coach), Eliza Stewart (Scholarship Coach) and Matt Nelson (Team Manager) will be joining the 20 athletes listed above. 

Congratulations all swimmers, coaches and clubs on their selection and all the best in South Australia.


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