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Swimming Australia - Hypoxic Training Position and Statement



The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teaches Association (ASCTA) and Swimming Australia Ltd (SAL), have identified risks revolving around the practice of Hypoxic Training.

ASCTA and SAL have jointly formulated strict guidelines on any such activity. We advise any teachers, coaches and others utilising this performance enhancing skill - primarily in competitive environments - to revise their position and policy immediately.

Ultimately, our stance on hypoxic training is, it:
- Has NO place in recreational swimming;
- Has NO place in learn-to-swim; however,
- Has a role to play in the sport, to help the development of competitive swimmers, under controlled conditions, by qualified coaches.

The safety and welfare of our members is our first priority. We want to promote a safe and secure learning and
training environment.

Please see link here for the Position Statement and Policy.

Mark Anderson, CEO, Swimming Australia                        Ross Gage, CEO, ASCTA

ASCTA Membership FAQs


Q. How do I join ASCTA?

A. Anyone can join ASCTA and gain many membership privileges.

Non-accredited and overseas people must join at one of the Associate levels. Australian based accredited swimming and water safety Teachers and Swimming Coaches may join at Basic, General or Premium levels and add an insurance selection if their accreditation is current.

Anyone may join ASCTA by downloading a hard copy and either fax; scan and email; or mail back to ASCTA.

Current ASCTA members may also:


Sorry we can only upgrade memberships levels over the phone.

Agreement to the ASCTA/SAL Child Welfare Policy is required with all memberships, thus your signature or tick is required.


Q. I receive regular Esplash newsletters from ASCTA. Does this mean my ASCTA membership is current?

A. Anyone with an interest in swimming can sign up to receive Esplash newsletters via the home page of our website. Please check your latest ASCTA membership card for your membership expiry date. It is never too late to join and ASCTA will mail out back issues of journals, lanyards, bonus DVDs and other member benefits for general and premium members so everyone receives their full membership benefits.


Q. What level of ASCTA membership should I join at?

A. Qualified swimming and water safety Teachers can join at any level. Swimming Coaches should join as Premium members. Premium members receive a “coloured” card relevant to their accreditation level, voting rights at ASCTA meetings, two DVD’s per annum, asctaSHOP specials – all “extras” above the other membership categories.  General members are issued with a white membership card and receive the same benefits as Basic members plus a hard copy by mail of the ASCTA journal “Swimming in Australia” four times per year.  Basic members receive a white membership card and along with other members six online editions of SwimTIPS and six of Inside Coaching, regular e-Splash newsletters, regular asctaSHOP discounts, access to the members section of the ASCTA website www.ascta.com and discounts to ASCTA events.  To be eligible to theasctaINSURANCE scheme for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance, you must hold current ASCTA membership.


Q. When is the best time to join ASCTA?

A. The ASCTA membership year and the member’s standard insurance policy year runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year, regardless of the joining date. Prices reflect the level of service provided, however all levels are eligible for insurance and accreditation. Associate memberships at comparable levels to usual memberships are available for those not accredited or who reside overseas. Your ASCTA membership card provides evidence to employers, clubs, parents and others of:


All members should renew by 30 June so as to receive a full year of membership benefits and ensure continuity of insurance.


Email membership@ascta.com if you have any further membership queries.

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