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Swimming Australia - Hypoxic Training Position and Statement



The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teaches Association (ASCTA) and Swimming Australia Ltd (SAL), have identified risks revolving around the practice of Hypoxic Training.

ASCTA and SAL have jointly formulated strict guidelines on any such activity. We advise any teachers, coaches and others utilising this performance enhancing skill - primarily in competitive environments - to revise their position and policy immediately.

Ultimately, our stance on hypoxic training is, it:
- Has NO place in recreational swimming;
- Has NO place in learn-to-swim; however,
- Has a role to play in the sport, to help the development of competitive swimmers, under controlled conditions, by qualified coaches.

The safety and welfare of our members is our first priority. We want to promote a safe and secure learning and
training environment.

Please see link here for the Position Statement and Policy.

Mark Anderson, CEO, Swimming Australia                        Ross Gage, CEO, ASCTA

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