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Swimming WA Committees 2018/19 – 2019/20

Finance and Governance Committee

Mark Griffiths (Chair)

Darren Beazley

Peter Galvin

Nick Short

Bianca Zito


Honours and Awards Committee

Alf Matthews (Chair)

Peter Anderson

Holly Barratt

Darren Beazley 

Shaza Salleh

Greg Wilson


Investment Committee

Barry Cook(Chair)

 Tim Andrew 

Darren Beazley

Steven Boyce 


Swimming WA Operational Committees

2018/19 2019/20

Competition and Planning Committee

Robyn Arblaster

Tony Ball

Darren Bezley 

Helen Harding

Helen Hull

Deb Jones

Chris Twomey


High Performance Committee

Darren Beazley

Tommaso D’Orsogna

Steven Hill

Leigh Nugent

Joanne Richards

Jamie Salter


Country Swimming Committee

Norm Bario

Darren Beazley

Dot Harris

Brittany Russell

Darryl Wood


Technical Education and Officials Committee

Darren Beazley

Kaye Bolger

Stella Carrara

Jacqui McNamara

Alison Tilt

Trevor Verran


Open Water Swimming Committee

Darren Beazley

Andrew Bloom

Debra Doody

Sarah Kimber

Ralph McManis

Katherine Reynolds


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