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Member Protection Policy

Swimming WA's Member Protection Policy aims to ensure the core values, good reputation and positive behaviours and attitudes of Swimming WA are maintained. It assists Swimming WA in ensuring that every person affiliated with the organisation is treated with respect and dignity and is safe and protected from abuse. It outlines the legal and ethical rights of all persons associated with Swimming WA whether that be members, volunteers, employees or spectators.

Member Protection Information Officer

All clubs are encouraged to have a trained Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO); however, at a minimum, an MPIO at a state association. The MPIO course aims to provide information and the skills required for people as a point of contact within a club or organisation for issues concerning harassment, discrimination, bullying or abuse. 

There are a number of trained MPIOs at Swimming WA. The trained MPIO's at Swimming WA are:

Carolyn Morrison 


Emily Balcombe


If you would like to become an MPIO for your club, contact Swimming WA Development Manager Carolyn Morrison carolyn.morrison@wa.swimming.org.au


Working with Children Legislation

The Working with Children (WWC) Check is a national criminal record check, required for certain people in WA who are in 'child-related work'. Employers and Volunteer Coordinators have an obligation to keep records and ensure that all people who need a WWC Check have one.

There is a three-step process to identify who needs a Check:

1. Are you doing paid work under an agreement with another person or organisation in connection with any of the categories of child-related work?

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WWC Check NOT required

2. Do the usual duties of the work involve, or are they likely to involve, contact with a child?

Go to Question 3

WWC Check NOT required

3. Does an exemption apply?

If an exemption applies to you, you should NOT apply for a WWC Check.

If no exemption applies you are in child-related work. 

If you are unsure about your obligations and would like clarification, visit the Working with Children website, the Department of Sport and Recreation website or alternatively contact Swimming WA Development Manager Carolyn Gorrick at carolyn.gorrick@wa.swimming.org.au. You can also view the working with children flyer here.


National Police Checks for Volunteers

Swimming WA highly recommends all individuals who occupy or apply for a position at your club to complete a National Police Check for Volunteers.

The National Police Check for Volunteers offers volunteers in sporting organisations the national police check at a discounted rate of $11.30. This check is not the same as a National Police Clearance and will only show the type of offence (traffic, minor, serious or a combination), not the offense itself.

If the results come back as with a relevant offence, Swimming WA requires the individual to obtain a complete National Police Clearance. This will determine whether the offense conflicts with the position of work the individual will be involved in.


Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules is an online resource to assist clubs and associations with any issues they may face.  It provides guidelines for administrators, coaches, officials and parents. The website also includes components covering Managing Risks, Complaints and Legal Stuff. There are plenty of resources available to your organisation as well as online training.

Swimming WA highly recommends the use of this website.


Safe Clubs 4 Kids

The Safe Clubs 4 Kids (SC4K) program aims to increase awareness of child protection in sport and active recreation. The SC4K program is designed to educate all members with the knowledge and skills required to create safe environments for children, identify possible child abuse and to know what should be done in a case where a child discloses abuse to staff or volunteers.

Swimming WA is working collaboratively with the partners of SC4K and encourages all clubs to have a minimum of person attend a workshop. If you would like to attend a SC4K workshop, contact Carolyn at Swimming WA on 08 6143 4512.


Online Member Protection Course

An online Member Protection Course is now available. To enrol in the course, click here.


JLT Sport Insurance Program

For information on JLT Sport insurance, including information on how to make a claim, click here

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