Multi Class Swimmers

What is Multi Class Swimming?

Multi Class (MC) swimming is a form of competition designed specifically for swimmers with a disability. MC events are normal swimming events with some minor modifications to the rules and regulations.

In order to compete in MC events swimmers, must have an eligible classification. MC events see swimmers with a range of disabilities from multiple classifications competing in the same race. Swimmers race against the world record time in that event for their classification. The winner of the race is not always who touches the wall first, but the swimmer who posts a time closest to the world record for their classification. Swimmers may be granted certain exceptions to the normal swimming rules in order to compete fairly. This allows for meaningful competition for all swimmers.

Please note: State Open/Age Short Course and Long Course Championships are the only IPC approved swimming Meets throughout the year in which world records can be broken. The world record must be broken in an MC event and not in an able bodied event. 

What is Classification? 

Classification groups swimmers with similar disabilities or impairments into the same group to compete against each other in the sport of swimming. The purpose of classification is swimming is to minimise the impact of eligible impairment types on the outcome of competition so that athletes who succeed in competition are those with the best anthropometry, physiology and psychology and have trained to the best effect.

Classified swimmers can receive exceptions to some of the rules, meaning that in MC competition they cannot be disqualified for that exception. These exceptions are determined during the classification process.

Swimming WA holds classification events twice per year, in November and February. Alternatively, swimmers can achieve classification interstate. Please contact Swimming WA for more information. 

The Classes?

For full details on the Classes and Classification Policy click below:

Check the events calendar or contact your State Swimming Association for details about up-coming MC competitions. IPC nominated competitions are Long Course State Age and Open. World Records can only be achieved at these events. 


Multi Class Point Score (MCPS)

The Multi Class Point Score (MCPS) has been developed to provide a simplified way for swimmers and coaches to measure and compare performances. The MCPS is based on the World Record (WR) times for each classification. The MCPS is used for the JX and YPS programmes, determining results in MC competition, as well as team selection and qualifying standards. This provides a clearer development pathway for classified swimmers.

Determine point scores using the quick Online MCPS Calculators here.

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