Performance Pathway Programme


The Swimming WA Performance Pathway Programme underpins Swimming Australia (SAL) and the WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) to provide an integrated pathway for athlete and coach development for prolonged success within the State.



Swimming WA Performance Pathway Programme

  • Criteria
  • Squad activities will be determined on an individual basis by Swimming WA management in consultation with the Swimming WA State Head Coach and the athlete’s home coach. The information will be communicated to athletes upon invitation into the squad as required.


    The Swimming WA Performance Pathway squads are determined through qualification times based on national and state performance standards for 14 years to Open. The athlete’s performances qualify them for a particular squad, listed below. Such classification provides recognition of an athlete’s performance relative to their age. Swimming WA Performance PathwaySquad activities, such as training camps and educational programmes, will be designed to align with the athlete’s age, stage of development and training capabilities.


    Full Criteria: 


  • Squad
  • Swimming Western Australia (SWA) is pleased to announce the athletes selected for the 2018/19 SWA Performance Pathway Programme. Congratulations to the swimmers and their coaches!

    The Swimming WA Performance Pathway Programme underpins Swimming Australia (SAL) and the WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) to provide an integrated pathway for athlete and coach development for prolonged success within the State.

    Gold Squad

    Robert Bonsall - UWA West Coast

    Adriano Todoro - UWA West Coast

    Brendan Best - UWA West Coast

    Josh Edwards-Smith - UWA West Coast

    Kalani Ireland - St Hilda's

    TJ Chong Sue - UWA West Coast

    Kate Harrison - St Hilda's

    Crystal Edwards - UWA West Coast 

    Kara Broadbridge - UWA West Coast 

    Silver Squad

    Aiden Balfour - Southside Penrhos Wesley

    Adam Sudlow - UWA West Coast

    Aleksander Bell - UWA West Coast

    Cooper Joyce - St Hilda's

    Damian Badenhorst - Rockingham

    Harrison Hynes - Southside Penrhos Wesley

    Hugh Moran - UWA West Coast

    Jack Wilson - Breakers

    Jay Thornton - Breakers

    Joel Bayntun - Breakers

    Josh Yong - UWA West Coast

    Kieran Pollard - Breakers

    Kyle Lee - Bunbury

    Matthew Joubert - South Shore

    Owen McAleese - Rockingham

    Reilley Kennedy - Perth City

    Robert Bonsall - UWA West Coast

    Rowan Brown - UWA West Coast

    Ruan Van der riet - UWA West Coast

    Tom Gawned - Albany

    Alyssa Burgess - Arena

    Amelie Prinsloo - South Shore

    Ash Glover - UWA West Coast

    Eliza Hodder - Breakers

    Emily Nayler - Guildford and Kalamunda

    Jasmine Hopkins - Rockingham

    Kathryn Rafflet - St Hilda's

    Kiara Simons - Perth City

    Lauren Gastevich - Arena

    Rosie Wilson - Breakers

    Samantha Macfarlane - Breakers

    Sena Cooper - St Hilda's

    Summer Burkett - Rockingham

    Tiana Forrestall - Arena

    Ellie Fry - South Shore

    Lily Beste - Rockingham

    Bronze Squad

    Samuel Ellis-Bunbury

    Kelly Giles-Southside Penrhos Wesley

    Drew Mann-Guildford Kalamunda

    Chris Verran-Guildford and Kalamunda

    Finlay Larmour-Peel

    Flynn Burgess Hamilton-UWA West Coast

    Jacob Dearle-Central Aquatic

    Jayden Yong-UWA West Coast

    Josh Spencer-South Shore

    Kai Wylie-Westside Christchurch

    Lucas Wilson-UWA West Coast

    Mark Szentpeteri-UWA West Coast

    Matthew Lamb-UWA West Coast

    Matthew Teng-AquaJets

    Max Radotic-UWA West Coast

    Tri Nguyen-Riverton

    Mogan Knox-Breakers

    Catherine Frehner-UWA West Coast

    Madeline Parchewsky-UWA West Coast

    Emily Holland-UWA West Coast

    Emma Buchan-UWA West Coast

    Kara Leeming-UWA West Coast

    Aidan Naughtin-Breakers

    Country Squad-

    Ben Murgatroyd-Esperance

    Ben Hollow-Peel 

    Callum Krispyn-Manjimup

    Kaiden  Richings-Bunbury

    Samuel Ellis-Bunbury

    Amity  Parsons-Bunbury

    Amy Duncan-Bunbury

    Ava Latter-Peel

    Gemma Kent-Broome

    Lexie Edwards-Bunbury

    Mysti Lymn-Peel 

    Chad Hutton-Geraldton

    David  Smith-Hedland

    Finlay Larmour-Peel

    Jeremy Awford-Mandurah

    Max  Coulter-Bunbury

    Alice  Johnson-Bunbury

    Eden McDonald-Busselton

    Georgia Saffy-Bunbury

    Kirstin  Head-Exmouth

    Lucinda Jones-Busselton

    Maddison Stewart-Bunbury

    Molly  Bowles-Albany

    Stevie Stanley-Golden West Dolphins 

    Daniel Ralph-Broome

    Jye Jensen-Bunbury

    Mitchell Shackles-Mandurah

    Abbey Johnson-Busselton

    Ella  Butler-Busselton

    Jorja Lymn-Peel

    Lauren McGregor-Busselton

    Maddison  Johnson-Walker-Busselton

    Megan  Larmour-Peel

    Rori Parsons -Bunbury

    Sarah Anderson-Mandurah

    Sophia  Hays-Mandurah

    Junior Squad-

    Alessio Macri-Tuart Hill

    Brielle Krispyn-Manjimip Marlins

    Alex Saffy-Bunbury

    Caden Barnett-Southside Penrhos Wesley

    Charlie Hodge-UWA West Coast

    Daniel Lummis-Arena

    Harrison Farmer-Central Aquatic

    Jacob Hale-Riverton

    Nathan Sason-Guildford Kalamunda

    Thomas Prowton-Arena

    Tremayne Mould-South Shore

    Amy Kerr-Bunbury

    Andrea Fazari-Tuart Hill 

    Aroha Tarrant-Peel 

    Bianca Macfarlane-Breakers

    Caitlin Leather-Peel 

    Georgia Blaine-Breakers

    Neeve Fasher-Southside Penrhos Wesley

    Regan Ashby-Peel 

    Sienna Cummins-Kwinana

    Talia Wilkinson-Broome

    Verity Adams-Guildford Kalamunda

    Adrian Fredric-Southlake Dolphins

    Alexander Mackinlay-All Saints 

    Eben Prinsloo-South Shore

    Joel Davies-Bunbury

    Lachlan Ison-Southside Penrhos Wesley

    Lucas Nayler-Guildford Kalamunda

    Noah Dean-All Saints 

    Riely Suckling -Aquajets

    Xavier Collins-St Hilda's

    Thomas Dreverman-South Shore

    Trent Solly-Arena

    Abbey Carter-Geraldton

    Annaliese Flavel-UWA West Coast

    Ava Forrest-South Shore

    Brodie Rowand-St Hilda's

    Cayleigh Davis-Central Aquatic

    Emily Barwick-Central Aquatic

    Emily Phillips-Breakers

    Hayley Nowrojee-Breakers

    Inez Miller-St Hilda's

    Jaymie Lutton-Tuart Hill 

    Jessica Fry-South Shore

    Josephine Peirce-Tuart Hill 

    Sina Metzger-UWA West Coast

    Telani Woodham-UWA West Coast

    Open Water

    Nick Rollo -  Perth City
    Flynn Mason -  Perth City
    Jack Wilson -  Breakers
    Chloe Green -  Perth City
    Ellie Fry -  South Shore
    Kyle Lee -  Bunbury
    Byron Kimber -  Breakers

    Charlie Hewitt -  St Hildas
    Justin Kalugin -  St Hildas
    Bianca Petite -  South Shore
    Rosie Wilson -  Breakers
    Camille Talbot -  Perth City
    Rori Parsons -  Bunbury
    Adam Sudlow -  UWA/West Coast
    Tessa Viljoen - GMAS
    Josie Page - Perth City
    Chloe Truscott - Perth City
    Kelsey Eastwood - Perth City 


    Leonardo Rachetti -  Perth City
    Fiona Cullinane -  Rockingham 
    Kaiden Richings -  Bunbury
    Lexie Edwards -  Bunbury
    Amity Parsons -  Bunbury
    Sirena McDowell -  South Shore
    Abigail Phillips -  Breakers
    Sophia Pinto -  Rockingham 
    Olivia Power -  SPW




    Elite Transition 
    Kat Downie (WAIS) Perth City 

    Ben Popham (17) (WAIS) Arena

    Yu-Chia Chen (20) UWA WC
    Liam Smith (23) UWA WC

  • Activities
  • Swimming WA is planning squad activities throughout the 2019/20 season during the following times:

                                                    - July 2019 School Holidays

                                                    - January 2020 School Holidays

                                                    - Addditional one (1) day clinics throughout the year


    Squad activites will range from training camps to one day clinics, focused on in-water skill acquasition and educational forums - all to assist the athlete to increase their ability and performance in and out of the water.

    Exact dates and squad activities for the 2019/2020 season will be released in due course.

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