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Swimming, similar to many other sports, relies heavily on volunteers. Swimming competitions and events are important to the development of our swimmers and without the assistance and guidance of technical officials, these events cannot be run. Becoming a technical official is rewarding and an excellent way to contribute to the sport, spend time with your children, create great friendships and gain professional development.


NOAP-Click below for more information:

The National Official Accreditation training programs are delivered by the State and Territory Swimming Associations.

In conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Swimming Western Australia is recognising the ASC Online Introductory Level Officiating Principles course.  Start your officiating accreditation by completing the online courses.


Step 1 - General Principles

Prior to undertaking an Officiating Course, all prospective officials must complete the Australian Sports Commission Introductory Level Officiating General Principles online couse - which is free of charge.  


Please note: You will have to create a Logon / Password for the ASC Website to access the course.

All TO's are also required to apply for the following prior to the Course:

  • Working with Children Check
  • Swimming WA Technical Official Membership



Step 2 - Accreditation Modules

Swimming Australia now have eight officiating modules online!  If you are interested in becoming accredited in any of the below positions, click on the links and start learning!  

Technical Officials Learning


CLICK HERE to access the General Principles, Clerk of Course or Check Starter courses. 

CLICK HERE to access the Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper, Judge of Stroke, or Inspector of Turns courses.



Step 3 - Practical Experience

After completing the Accreditation Modules, Trainee Technical Officials are invited to attend SWA Meets to gain practical experience in the relevant positions from the Module they undertook.

All Trainee Officials are required to wear plain White Polo Shirts to SWA Meets.

For further information on SWA Meets and when you can attend, please see our event Calender here.




Step 4 - Assessment

Officials must have a “practical” assessment by an approved assessor before they are deemed competent in an area - and are able to request an assessment once they feel they are competent.

Officials must contact the Development Manager on (08) 9328 4599 to request an assessment. 

This request will then be approved by the Technical Official (TEO) Committee prior to assessment being undertaken. Please refer to the Assessor Guidelines below for further information. 

Click below for the SWA Assessor Guidelines:

Click below for a list of SWA Assessors:




Step 5 - Further Development

 Click below to view the officiating pathway and discover where officiating could take you!





World Para Swimming 




Officials Membership 

New Official

Renewing Official

 Please contact Swimming WA at with any queries.


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