Established in 1902, the Western Australian Swimming Association, has provided hundreds of thousands of Western Australians with the opportunity to be involved in our sport at all levels. As a challenging sport, swimmers are built to tackle any obstacle the world has to offer. Learning critical life skills at an early age, many of our alumni go on to become incredibly successful outside of the pool. The Swimming WA alumni programme aims to re-establish our connection with our history, providing a sport for all, for life.

The alumni programme is a pivotal tool for the growth of Swimming WA in all four strategic pillars people, development, brand, and organizational sustainability. Through creating a pathway for engagement throughout a swimmer’s lifetime, expertise will stay within the sport and therefore all levels will become stronger and more sustainable.

As it currently stands, athletes come into the sport and under 5% stay until 18 with almost all athletes lost from the sport by age 25. The pathway for engagement will allow for retention of IP within clubs and create a more intelligent longer lasting sport.

The alumni programme will assist other development programmes to ensure the retention rate is lifted and athlete engagement turns to volunteering through clubs, schools, or the association. Increasing knowledge and investment for clubs and therefore LGA’s.

Different from the Australian Swimmers Association, the Swimming WA Alumni will be open to any retired swimmer who deems swimming as a valuable part of their life, not just Australian / State representatives. Therefore, creating a community for life for like-minded successful individuals.

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