Performance Pathway Programme

The Swimming WA Performance Pathway Programme underpins Swimming Australia (SAL) and the WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) to provide an integrated pathway for athlete and coach development for prolonged success within the State.

Identified athletes and coaches will have the opportunity to participate in activities, workshops, testing and camps that provide support to the swimmers who are selected. The selection criteria will be available on the Swimming WA Selection Criteria page.

State Development Squad for 2022-23.

Anderson, Tom   Breakers WA
Apps, Jemma   UWA Westcoast
Balfour, Aidan   Southside Penrhos Wesley
Bass, Charlotte   St Hildas
Berryman, Jordan   UWA Westcoast
Bewsher, Lian   Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Bromwell, Fletcher   Scarborough Beach
Carmignani, Sam   Breakers WA
Collins, Xavier   Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Coten, Max Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Coveney, Sam   UWA Westcoast
Cross, Delta   Highlanders
Cross, Tex   Highlanders
Cummins, Sienna   Kwinana
Dabic, Bel   Bunbury
Davies, Joel   Bunbury
Dreverman, Thomas   South Shore
Eve, Daniel   South Shore
Fasher, Neeve   St Hildas
Ferguson, Hayden   Southlake Dolphins
Frederic, Adrian   Southlake Dolphins
Frederic, Annabelle   Southlake Dolphins
Fry, Jessica Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Fyneman, Braden   UWA Westcoast
Gstaettner, Heidi   Rockingham
Hankin, Katie Breakers WA
Harrison, Luna   Breakers WA
Hepworth, Sienna   Southside Penrhos Wesley
Hewitt, Owen   Southlake Dolphins
Hewlett, Ryan   UWA Westcoast
Hodge, Charlie   UWA Westcoast
Jackson, Lydia   Arena
Keenan, Mikaylah   Arena
Kruger, Blair   UWA Westcoast
Loffler, Matthew   Riverton
Loraine, Abbie   Highlanders
Lourey, Samantha   UWA Westcoast
Macfarlane, Samantha Breakers WA
Marginet, Javier   UWA Westcoast
Massey, Alice   UWA Westcoast
McCamley, Zachary   Arena
McDermid, Charlotte   UWA Westcoast
McKay, Blake   Southlake Dolphins
Mercer, Jasmine   UWA Westcoast
Mills, Zachary   UWA Westcoast
Milne, Eilidh   Southlake Dolphins
Monaco, Alyssa   Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Mould, Declan   South Shore
Mould, Tremayne   South Shore
Nowrojee, Hayley   UWA Westcoast
Nowrojee, Joshua   UWA Westcoast
Peake, Ryan   Peel Aquatic
Petsos, Bianca   UWA Westcoast
Pitt, Sienna   Southlake Dolphins
Reynolds, Violet   Busselton
Riddle, Scarlett   Busselton
Rothnie, Kelton   Southside Penrhos Wesley
Russell, Isabella   Highlanders
Salamone, Mia   UWA Westcoast
Sason, Nathan   UWA Westcoast
Seidl, Kristian Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Sillitoe, Alexander   Southlake Dolphins
Smith, Liam UWA Westcoast
Smith, Xavier   Highlanders
Stewart, Emma   Arena
Szymanski, Johann   Highlanders
Taraborrelli, Luciana   St Hildas
Ulupov, Alexey   Kwinana
Van Selm, Natalie   UWA Westcoast
Wallington, Kate   Riverton
Weller, Rebekah Perth City
Wilks, Lachlin   Westside Christchurch Aquatic
Woodham, Telani   UWA Westcoast
Zambon, Cody   Peel Aquatic

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