UWA - West Coast Challenge

Date & Time
Sat, 26/11/2022 to Sat, 26/11/2022

Event Details


Steve Hill (E: meetdirector@uwawestcoast.org or M: 0418 877 277)

8.00am Warm-up & 9:00am Racing for morning Junior and novice ‘Splash & Dash’ session;

12:30pm Warm-up & 1:30pm Racing for afternoon Open, Age & Multi-Class/Para session.


  • No Qualifying Times required;
  • Maximum 6 events per swimmer;
  • There will be two sessions:

Session 1 ‘am’ for Junior Swimming WA registered Girl members aged 8-12yrs and Boys 9-13yrs as per the published event list, as well as events for ‘Splash & Dash’ participants aged 12yrs & Under; &

Session 2 ‘pm’ for Open & Age athletes (Girls 13yrs & Over / Boys 14yrs & Over), as well as MC/Para swimmeers 11yrs & Over;

  • Event 32 & 72 (the mixed gender 1500m Free & 400m IM) are for swimmers 13yrs/O;
  • All events will be conducted as timed finals;
  • All swimmers must be Swimming WA registered by close of entries.


  • UWA-West Coast Challenge is for 8yrs to Open, as specified on the Event List for Swimming WA registered ‘competitive’ members;
  • Splash & Dash participants 12yrs & Under who are not currently a registered ‘competitive’ member of a Swimming WA club; &
  • Age as at the first day of the meet.


Medals are to be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed male and female swimmers in the following Junior ‘competitive’ age-group categories only – Girls 9-12yrs & Boys 9-13yrs (no medals for afternoon Open & Age session):  

  • 50m events (Free, Back, Breast & Fly): 8-9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs (& Boys 13yrs only);
  • 100m events (Free, Back, Breast & Fly): 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs (& Boys 13yrs only);
  • 200m events: 9yrs (Free Only), 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs (& Boys 13yrs only).

Medals have not been allocated to swimmers Girls 13yrs/O & Boys 14yrs/O competing in Session 2 (this includes all participants in the 1500m Free & 400m Individual Medley). 



ENTRIES for Events 3/4, 13/14, 21/ 22 & 29/30 HERE.

The UWA-West Coast ‘Splash & Dash’ carnival is the ideal introductory meet for ‘rookie racers’ who are still trying to decide if swimming is the sport for them!

The 25m & 50m distances are particularly suited to novice squad swimmers who are yet to become a registered ‘competitive’ member of a Swimming WA club. These events are not open to Swimming WA ‘annual competitive’ members.

Splash &Dash participants sign in at their own registration table to collect their registration pack and also get to meet one of our Splash & Dash volunteers who will escort them to the starting blocks for each of their events. The registration pack includes a meet program, estimated timeline and a swim cap.

The Splash & Dash meet program includes the following 25m & 50m events:

Event 3 – Mixed 8-12yrs 50m Backstroke;

Event 4 – Mixed 6-8yrs 25m Backstroke;

Event 13 – Mixed 8-12yrs 50m Breaststroke;

Event 14 – Mixed 6-8yrs 25m Breaststroke;

Event 21 – Mixed 8-12yrs 50m Freestyle;

Event 22 – Mixed 6-8yrs 25m Freestyle;

Event 29 – Mixed 9-12yrs 50m Butterfly; &

Event 30 – Mixed 8-10yrs 25m Butterfly.

Each swimmer will receive a participation ribbon to acknowledge their efforts in the pool. The 'Splash & Dash' races will not be officiated, which means that times swum will not be officially recognized, in accordance with Swimming WA guidelines.

Please note that all Entry times must have been achieved since Friday, 1 January 2021 and must have been achieved in a Long Course (50m) pool.

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